5 Free Ways to Motivate Colleagues

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Why is it so important to motivate colleagues? Well Jeff Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford Business School tells us “Companies that manage people right will outperform those that don’t by 30 to 40 percent”. Don’t worry if your budget is tight – the good news is you don’t need one for this. That’s right – the best ideas for motivating people are cost free. I haven’t forgotten your time either, we’ve offset it against the 30 to 40% improvement in performance that will follow as a result of you implementing these ideas.

3 Categories for Motivating Colleagues:

Recognising the efforts of those who work for you falls into three categories:

  1. Formal recognition – such as ‘Colleague of the month’.
  2. Informal recognition – doughnuts after a long week, or breakfast sandwiches the morning after a late shift at work.
  3. Day to day recognition – leaving a thank you note for a job well done or popping in to say thank you in front of colleagues.

We’ve a future blog planned to focus on how you can plan to create the culture you want using formal recognition – so if you haven’t yet subscribed it takes a few seconds to type in your email and stay in touch. For now, we’re concentrating on informal and day to day recognition – it’s here that you can make a real difference to the motivation levels of your staff.

5 Ways to Motivate Colleagues:

  1. Acknowledge the hard work (or good idea of a colleague) during a staff meeting with other management present.
  2. Nominate a colleague for an award.
  3. Personally introduce staff who have impressed you to others who can positively influence their careers.
  4. Leave a thank you note taped to the colleague’s door.
  5. Design a token which can be exchanged for a future favour (or could be traded in to allow the member of staff to leave early that day).

Why it Works: the Science Part

Even if we are motivated by money, and not everyone is, the more a job requires us to think, the less money influences our motivation. That’s right – the more we need to think to complete work then things other than money  become important to us. Like a simple thank you as you pass your colleague in the corridor. Make no mistake, the power of recognition can transform our relationships with others. Following these five steps will not only  improve your relationships with your co-workers they will transform you into a leader. It is impossible to be a leader if no-one is following you. Your colleagues have a choice to be there for you when you need them – ensure now that they know how much you value and appreciate the work they do and it will pay dividends in the long run.

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