Blending the science of happiness with business goal setting

Goal setting for 2018.

If you’ve completed your goal setting that’s fantastic news, but you shouldn’t worry if you’re still procrastinating. Procrastination has had a bad press of late so it may be refreshing for you to hear we’re confident you’ll deliver on time and to a high standard. We know this because you’re still learning and thinking about the process even if you’ve not put pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard just yet.

What’s your motivational style?

If you need to complete your goal setting quickly, to know it’s done, chances are you’re task driven. Or do you need the pressure of an approaching deadline to galvanize you to action? Well, the good news is – the content of this blog is relevant to goal setting for both procrastinators and task-driven individuals alike. This is also great for those of you who don’t feel they fit into a box. If you feel the context of the task determines your motivation level – you’ll want to read my next blog. Whatever your style, you’ve either completed your goal setting or started it (even in your unconscious mind)! We would like to ask you all the following question…

Did you factor in how you wanted to feel during your journey?

It’s a serious question. Our research has shown right about now would be the perfect time to factor this in. Why? Because how you feel about your career and your business is the most important factor in deciding whether 2018 has been good to you or not. Makes sense, right? We suggest you take 7 minutes to watch this short TED talk by scientist and map maker, Daniele Quercia.

All right – ready to start taking your goal planning to the next level? First stop – let’s discover what your personality strengths are.

Discover your personality strengths

Take a test here for free and discover what your strengths are. This test will let you discover what your strengths are, not which one’s energise you. If you’re interested in discovering this, book a 20-minute synergy call, at no cost to you, here to explore your options.

Ask yourself if you’re taking your business in the direction of your strengths – these are the things that you enjoy doing. If you won’t be using them frequently you may want to rethink that goal again.

If you think you would benefit from blending the science of happiness with your business goal setting, we’re running a three hour course on Saturday 13th January 2018, in Birmingham,  for which includes a full strengths based personality report and follow up 1-2-1 coaching. You can find out more here


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