Leading Authentically: Reflections from Dive In Festival 2018

Is Authentic Leadership important?

Yesterday,  we asked the question, ‘ Is it possible to lead authentically in the ‘Post Truth’ era we find ourselves in?’.  ‘How do leaders stay true to their values and vision?’. Is Authenticity important?’,   I asked our audience. Hands shot up – overwhelmingly the answer was yes. From my MSc research, listening to feedback from my clients when working with their teams and leaving a past job rather than compromise my personal integrity, I know this to be true. Fundamentally integrity is a key component of authentic leadership, not an ‘optional extra’. Authenticity is a cornerstone of Transformational and Ethical Leadership styles, all of which we know are significant in building trust.

A wealth of experience…

I was honoured  to chair the discussion with a panel comprised of; Jennie Koo of RBS, Chair of Women in Business and Finance,  Empower Future Leaders list 2018; Rose St Louis, Chair of the Zurich Women’s Innovation Network, nominated for Role Model of the Year, WIFS awards 2018; Andrew Moore Family Lawyer, Mediator, Resolution Secretary and flexible working advocate at Mills & Reeve and Francesca Harris of PWC, Barclays Diversity Champion of the Year 2018 and co-founder of The Alliance Network.

Top Take-Aways from the Event

If you feel like you are powerless – go out there and take your power back!

Be visible – leadership isn’t about the job title, it’s about the mindset.

You can be a champion for a cause, step up with integrity and model the change you want to make.

You’re a leader. People are watching – so give them something positive to talk about!

Leadership is about being brave, so embrace our 20 seconds of insane bravery challenge and stand tall and proud.

Step into your values, don’t just walk your talk, live it with meaning.

Remember courage is contagious!

Finally, if you’re serving a leader who doesn’t respect your values, ask yourself seriously – is this the job for me? If it’s not – walk away, be true to yourself and embrace new challenges. After all – two thousand years ago someone carved in stone, above the oracle at Delphi ‘Know yourself’, we invite you to be yourself, your whole rainbow spectrum, brilliant you!  Step up to the challenge because the world is waiting…














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