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England’s performance against Columbia was exemplary and I’m not a sports correspondent – to be honest I rarely watch football. I’m a rugby fan myself (Tigerrrrsss!). When England play though – I make an exception and the patriot in me comes out to play.

Hopes were high before the match

Why is this? As a nation, we aren’t known for our optimistic outlook when supporting our national team. We hold back, better to limit the disappointment levels. Yet this time, this time more than any other time, this time (admit it you sang the words there!) things were different.Our boys were composed, confident on the pitch, so what was different about this World Cup?

Dr Pippa Grange; Head of People and Team Development at The Football Association.

Dr Grange is a Business and Sport Psychologist appointed to build the team’s resilience and trust levels. Business Psychologists work so that we’re able to operate at our optimal level even when high pressure bears down on us. Like performance in the World Cup when the nation is watching, or launching your business as the main wage earner, to holding your nerve in the boardroom faced with a hostile take-over bid.

Dr Grange needed to get the team to face their anxieties and the pressure of their dreams off the pitch. Why? Well when fears are replaced by a powerful alternative successful outcome this makes a huge difference to how we act. This is the case whether it’s the England team’s World Cup performance, or our performance as leaders or business owners. Dr Grange’s brief was to change the culture and mindset of the team – in order to win, first we have to believe. I bet at this point you’re thinking – Doh! The thing is if it were that simple to do alone, the England Team would have done it years ago. No team member ever left for the World Cup looking forward to returning to a disappointed nation.

The Skillset of a Business Psychologist

Dr Grange made the headlines this weekend – national papers acknowledged her work as instrumental in England’s success. Quite rightly too. The mistake the papers made though was, as one paper wrote, “England now head into a semi-final showdown with Sweden on Saturday brimming with confidence and maybe, just maybe daring to dream”.

No! England left to play Sweden, and beat Sweden BECAUSE they dared to dream. They dreamt on the training pitch, on the coach and on the pitch with pressure baring down on them. England are still in the World Cup because Dr Grange builds resilience levels, and coaches performance beliefs.

Why working with a Business Psychologist is different

Dr Grange worked individually with team members, and with the team as a whole. She utilised her skill set to identify where to push for more, or question beliefs. I’ve met some highly skilled coaches – we’re expert at asking the right questions, at the right time, in the right way.That’s essential for growth and progress. What a qualified Business Psychologist adds to that mix is an ability to identify behavioural patterns, the dance between the conscious and the unconscious and how this affects the words we choose, the business goals we set ourselves, even the level of risk we’re comfortable to take during negotiations. We’ve researched the top thinking, and global studies. As an aside, to claim the title Business Psychologist a Masters Degree in Business Psychology is usually required in Business Psychology. We understand teams, the dynamics between people, behavioural economics and the science behind effective decision making. So if you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, be smart, be like the England team and hire a Business Psychologist.

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